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Course Outline

The Advanced Hacking Toolkit 2.0

The Advanced Hacking Toolkit 2.0


This is a 3 day, instructor-led course.

Course Overview

Increase the blast radius of your demo’s and presentations to deliver a real and lasting impact in your audience. 

Securing your environment requires more than just the theory, hands-on skills are a must. Take your Ethical Hacking skills to next level during our 3 day Advanced Hacking Toolkit 2.0 course on our Weaponised Cyber Range. The only course that equips you with everything you need to make a real impact:

Course Contents


Each delegate is equipped with a fully weaponised Pwn Pad that theirs to keep:
•   32gb, Quad Core Google Nexus Tab
•   A unique Kali Linux OS with scripted Click-To-Attack tools
•   Dedicated wireless and wired network hacking hardware

It doesn’t stop there, we’ve raided the infamous Hak5 store in order to provide
each delegate with their entire top range of hardware attack platforms:
•   The LAN Turtle
•   The WiFi Nano Pineapple
•   The Rubber Ducky

But none of these are any good if you haven’t got the skills to use them! During the intensive 3 day workshop each delegate will learn how to successfully deploy a multitude of attacks using their very own hardware and software. You leave with everything you need; skills & hardware!

It’s a totally unique offering with the following advanced hacking labs, run on your own hardware:
•   Man In The Middle Attacks
•   SSL Stripping Attacks
•   HTTP Injection Attacks
•   Wireless Cracking Attacks
•   EvilAP Attacks
•   HID Injection Attacks
•   Scripting Your Own Attacks
•   Web Social Engineering
•   Login Interception
•   Reconnaissance
•   Metasploit Attacks
•   Meterpeter Payload Attacks
•   Dropping Remote SSH Shells
•   Dropping Reverse Persistent Shells
•   And so much more…

Use this unique offering to bring your Security Awareness sessions to life with live demos to make the culture changes you need to keep your business safe. Demonstrate complex technical attacks to your senior management or customers with one button attacks that work every time. Engage your audience during presentations and sessions with powerful demos that you can trust not to let you down.
Take your new skills and your very own hacking hardware toolkit and make a real difference!

Price per delegate


Scheduled Classes

Indicia Training, Glasgow:

Please complete the contact form below or call 0141 221 5676 for further course information and available dates.
Alternatively you can email us at

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