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Course Outline

Outlook Level 2

Outlook Level 2

Course Contents

Using Advanced Management Features
Managing Items
Setting Up AutoArchiving
Archiving Manually
Retrieving Archived Items
Creating and Applying Categories
Finding Items
Grouping Items
Creating and Clearing a Filter
Customizing Outlook
Setting Options
Adding Shortcuts to the Outlook Bar
Moving a Shortcut on the Outlook Bar
Removing a Shortcut from the Outlook Bar
Changing Your Password
Summary and Exercise

Optimizing Mail Functions
Using Address Books
Using an Address Book to Address a Message
Adding a Name to Your Personal Address Book
Creating an Alias in Your Personal Address Book
Selecting a Default Address Book
Working with Personal Distribution Lists
Creating a Personal Distribution List
Editing a Personal Distribution List
Deleting a Personal Distribution List
Using Message Features
Saving and Closing a Message without Sending It
Setting Spelling Options
Setting Additional Spelling Features
Setting and Using Message Options
Using Voting Buttons
Flagging a Message
Recalling a Message
Attaching a File
Opening, Closing, and Saving an Attached File
Accessing the Internet
Inserting and Editing a Hyperlink in a Message
Using a Hyperlink in a Message
Using the Web Toolbar
Summary and Exercise

Working with Contacts
Refining Your Contact List
Adding a Contact from the Same Company
Using the File as Feature
Accessing Contacts Directly
Sending a Message to a Contact
Accessing a Contact’s Web Page
Managing Favorite Web Addresses
Summary and Exercise

Working with Other Users
Scheduling Meetings
Inviting Colleagues and Setting a Meeting Time
Inviting a Contact to a Meeting
Responding to a Meeting Request
Reviewing Meeting Information
Rescheduling and Canceling a Meeting
Scheduling an Event
Completing Tasks
Scheduling a Task
Regenerating a Task
Assigning a Task to Someone Else
Responding to a Task Request
Reclaiming Ownership of a Declined Task
Creating a New Item from an Existing One
Summary and Exercise

Working with Templates and Forms
Working with Templates
Using a Template
Creating a Template
Utilizing Forms
Installing Sample Forms
Using a Form
Creating a Form
Modifying an Existing Form
Publishing and Saving a New Form
Creating a Form from Another Program
Summary and Exercise

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