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Course Outline

ROUTE: Implementing Cisco IP Routing v2.0

ROUTE: Implementing Cisco IP Routing v2.0

Course Contents

Basic Network and Routing Concepts
Differentiating Routing Protocols
Understanding Network Technologies
Connecting Remote Locations with the Headquarters
Implementing RIPng

EIGRP Implementation
Establishing EIGRP Neighbor Relationships
Building the EIGRP Topology Table
Optimizing EIGRP Behavior
Configuring EIGRP for IPv6
Discovering Named EIGRP Configuration

OSPF Implementation
Establishing OSPF Neighbor Relationship
Building the Link State Database
Optimizing OSPF Behavior
Configuring OSPFv3

Configuration of Redistribution
Implementing Basic Routing Protocol Redistribution
Manipulating Redistribution Using Route Filtering

Path Control Implementation
Using Cisco Express Forwarding Switching
Implementing Path Control

Enterprise Internet Connectivity
Planning Enterprise Internet Connectivity
Establishing Single-Homed IPv4 Internet Connectivity
Establishing Single-Homed IPv6 Internet Connectivity
Improving Resilience of Internet Connectivity
Considering Advantages of Using BGP
Implementing Basic BGP Operations
Using BGP Attributes and Path Selection Process
Controlling BGP Routing Updates
Implementing BGP for IPv6 Internet Connectivity

Routers and Routing Protocol Hardening
Securing Cisco Routers
Describing Routing Protocol Authentication Options
Configuring EIGRP Authentication
Configuring OSPF Authentication
Configuring BGP Authentication

Challenge Labs
Lab 1: Configure RIPng
Lab 2: Configure EIGRP
Lab 3: Configure and Optimize EIGRP for IPv6
Lab 4: Implement EIGRP for IPv4 and IPv6 Through Named Configuration
Lab 5: Configure OSPF
Lab 6: Optimize OSPF
Lab 7: Configure OSPFv3
Lab 8: Implement Redistribution Using Route Filtering
Lab 9: Implement Path Control
Lab 10: Configuring BGP
Lab 11: Configure Authentication for EIGRP Routes
Lab 12: Configure BGP Authentication
Lab 6-1: Configure BGP Operations
Lab 6-2: Manipulate EBGP Path selections

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