Assertiveness Skills

Assertiveness Skills 

Assertiveness is a behaviour that encourages all participants in a discussion to be open and transparent about their wishes so that appropriate action can be taken as a result.


 Assertive behaviour includes:

·         Openly communicating opinions and taking others' wishes into account

·         Listening to the views of others and responding appropriately, whether in agreement with these views or not. 

·         Expressing appreciation of others for what they have done/are doing.

·         Being comfortable to be held to account.

·         Maintaining self-control.

·         Behaving as an equal.


Here are 4 ways to behave more assertively.

·         Be clear and concise. Avoid long explanations.

·         Maintain eye contact, stand/sit upright and keep a calm tone of voice.

·         Be firm but polite.   

·         Try to relax. Becoming frustrated will dilute the impact of your message.


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