Google Hotel Finder

By Lisa Condron - Office Manager


I often have to book accommodation for our trainers who are out and about delivering onsite courses for our clients across the UK.  Previously, I would just do a standard Google search for hotels in the area where the training was taking place.  I found though that this process was becoming lengthier as these searches started to automatically highlight not only hotels in the area but also general businesses and places of interest.  As you can see from the map below, it can be enough to drive you (and the map) completely dotty!


Google Hotel Finder Aberdeen


This week I discovered a great time saving search tool on Google, their Hotel Finder:


Google Hotel Finder Link


 I found this new service really easy to use, it helped me to quickly find just the right accommodation for our trainers delivering onsite courses.  For those of you who also look after travel arrangements and who might not be familiar with this new service yet, here is a quick look at how it works.


Google Hotel Finder


  The layout of the page makes it really easy to see what hotels are available, their location and price at a quick glance.

 There is even a handy custom area selection tool…

 Google Hotel Finder Custom Area Selection


The hotels in the area you have selected are listed on the page and there is a filter for you to sort by price, average rating etc..


Google Hotel Finder Filter


And, as you check out the hotels on offer, you can add them to a short list, a very handy feature.


Google Hotel Finder Shortlist


You can also cross check prices to find the best deal for any particular hotel.


Google Hotel Finder Check Prices


All in all, this was a great time-saver for me, I found the layout very clear and intuitive to use.  I hope it saves you some time too!


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