New Features of Microsoft Office 2013


Microsoft Office 2013 New Featurs


The clean interface of Microsoft Office 2013 is the first thing you’ll notice when you first start using it, but be assured that all the features you relied on in previous versions will still be there.

Here are 5 new features that have proven themselves to be excellent time savers.


1. PDF Conversion and Editing

PDF conversion and Editing

The new version of Word can let you open PDF files, edit them and save them as either DocX, PDF, or XPS (Microsoft’s version of PDF) files. There is also a handy conversion feature that can quickly convert Word Documents into PDF format and vice versa.


2. Easier picture management

Using pictures in documents is nothing new, but the simplicity of formatting images (especially cropping) is a welcome improvement on the old version of office. 



3. Support for Online Content

You can connect to online resources from within your document and bring them into your work. For example:

•Word can now embed videos within a document and you can play them from within your document.

•In Powerpoint, you can find and directly add photos from flickr and social networking sites without having to save them on your machine.


4. Linked Accounts

Office 2013 can be connected to a Microsoft Account like SkyDrive meaning that you can save the document to the cloud and then open up the same document in the SkyDrive web app. This can come in handy if you happen to do a lot of work on the road. 

5. Save As Options

Save As Microsoft


Office 2013 displays a cleaner ‘Save As’ screen and there are handy shortcuts to save your work in non-default locations. There is even an option to save documents to other places like SharePoint and SkyDrive as offered by the ‘Add A Place’ option.

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