Time to upgrade to Windows 8?

By Blair McLean - Operations Manager at Indicia Training 


Windows 8 Start Screen 


The upgrade to Windows 8 from any previous version of Windows may initially seem daunting.


Visually, Windows 8 is so far removed from the tried and tested Windows OS layout that even technology savvy IT professionals will need a while to find their way around it.


The first obvious difference is the new full screen Start Menu which has been designed to take advantage of the capabilities of increasingly popular touch screen devices.There’s a lot more to the new Start Screen than the simple selection of folders or programmes that its predecessors offered. Check out the comprehensive tutorial of all the new features and benefits on offer.


Once you’ve found your way to your new look desktop, the conspicuous absence of the usual Start Button may leave you wondering where the Control Panel, Computer Tab and Network and Sharing Centre can be found. Although Windows 8 has a completely new look, the background processes and layout are surprisingly similar to older versions, so a quick search from the Start Screen will reveal the missing features, any of which can be pinned to the Taskbar for speedier navigation.


The key to mastering Windows 8 is learning the shortcuts. We’ve prepared a guide to our most frequently used shortcut keys below with more to follow.


 Windows 8 Shortcuts


Admittedly after my first session with Windows 8 it took me a bit too long to figure out how to Shut Down my PC (move your cursor in to the bottom right-hand corner and go to Settings). Getting to grips with the new style of navigation (selecting Charms from a hidden side panel and grasping the intricacies of the Start Screen) may take practice, but with perseverance it will become second nature.


Windows 8 has been the subject of very mixed reviews since its general release in October 2012. I can understand the naysayers’ points of view as on the surface this is a completely new operating system and a lot of the ‘feel’ for Windows that users have built over the years will be lost. But in my opinion, Windows 8 brings so many new and improved features to the table that building a new familiarity with Windows 8 will pay dividends.


Negative reactions have prompted Microsoft to prepare an update promising to address many of the issues the End-User has with their new OS. With the update, Windows 8 will evolve into Windows Blue, but other than the release of the new name, Microsoft have been very secretive about what the update will offer.


For the IT professionals among you, our official Microsoft course: MS20687B - Configuring Windows 8 will set you in good stead to carry out Windows 8 installations, configure networks, manage disks, partitions and volumes, share files and printers, create and configure virtual machines in Hyper-V, troubleshoot problems within the OS and will generally help you become a proficient all-round user of Windows 8. Call us on 0141 221 5676 or email us: info@indiciatraining.com


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