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Course Outline

Conflict Handling

Conflict Handling

Course Contents

What is conflict?
Helping participants to understand and appreciate how conflict occurs, whilst reviewing their own experiences.
How to spot conflict
Looking at the tell-tale signs and the more predictable behaviours inherent with conflict.
Why conflict can be difficult to resolve
A look at the behavioural aspect of conflict.
How our desires drive our behaviour and what this means.
Positions and Interests
A further exploration of how people focus on positions when working on interests can produce better results (supported by an excellent training game).
The stages of conflict
Plotting the typical path that a conflict follows and relating this to participant’s own experience.
The five methods of managing conflict
Exploring the methods individuals use to manage conflict, which are: Avoiding, Accommodating, Forcing, Compromising, Collaborating.
Resolving conflicts you are involved in
•   Skills required
    o    Identifying and discussing the key skills.
•   Conflict resolution model
    o    Following a set method of resolution.
•   Personal conflict situation
    o    Applying skills to a personal situation.
•   Negative responses
    o    Coping with typical responses.
•   Practice
    o    A chance to demonstrate and practice in a safe environment
Resolving conflict between others
How to manage the process of helping others resolve conflicts without becoming embroiled.
What did attendees think of the course?
“The trainer was excellent, explained the course well and was able to draw on analogies to help consolidate understanding.” – P.J. Team Leade

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