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Course Outline

Effective Customer Care

Effective Customer Care

Course Contents

The Importance of Customer Care
Examining why customer care is important for businesses and the effects of poor customer care.
What’s in it for me?
Here we look at why customer care should be important for the individual and what poor customer care makes them feel like.
Customer Perception
How do customers perceive the ‘brand’ of the business? 
Your Customer Brand
Exploring the delegates own ‘customer brand’ and the fact that ‘people buy people’. How they are currently perceived by customers and what they can do to change this.
Transactional Vs Relational
What type of service a customer expects from us and how to change from transactional to relational service.
Little things make a big difference
Helping delegates to realise that the smallest thing can affect a customers’ experience. Identifying what ‘little things’ irritate them as customers and changing these behaviours.
Spotting the GAP’s
What delegates can do to improve on their current levels of service and how to keep this consistent.
A Mind Map of Effective Customer Care
Consolidating their learning in a fun way.
Developing Your Customer Values
What are the values delegates should live by in the customer environment. Delegates come up with their own values and commit to them.
What’s in it for me now?
A review of the earlier session with a positive slant. Ending the session on a high.

What did attendees think of the course?
Very useful to me professionally and personally” – G.C. Receptionist

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