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Course Outline

Effective Video podcasting

Effective Video podcasting


This is a 2 day, instructor-led course.


A video clip on a website is usually the first thing visitors will click on. Get it right and they’ll be impressed. Get it wrong, and they’ll turn away, disappointed and let down. You can’t afford to miss the opportunity for effective communication that well produced video podcasts give you.  And the great news is that it needn’t cost more than a few pounds.

This course will show you the what, how and why of podcasting. 

Course Contents

The Video Package
How to structure your video package for maximum audience interest and return
Writing For The Screen – how to use a simple structure to script your package to ensure that it works on screen.
Filming Techniques – Camerawork, lighting, microphone placement, exterior and interior filming techniques.

To-Camera presentation techniques
Posture,gesticulation and movement.
Clothing and colour-coding
Speaking Style – projection, breathing, pace and inflection
How to Control Nerves
Portable Autocue Presentation Techniques

Recording of to-camera presentations, playback and analysis.

TV Interviewing techniques
Research – how to prepare
Open Questioning – how to interview for a pre-filmed news package
Persistent Questioning – how to ensure you get the answers your audience needs to hear.
Shaping the interview – beginning, middle and end.
Talkback/earpiece training – how to conduct an incisive interview while listening and responding to instructions from the gallery in your earpiece.

Film Your Podcast
Participants will produce a script using the skills learned in the morning, then film GVs and interviews for their podcast package.

Shotlisting, preparation for editing.
The filmed material will be shot-listed, and a paper edit completed ready for the post production process in Day Two.

Putting Your Package Together
This session will show participants how to get the most out of iMovie editing software. Most people use only fraction of its capabilities – yet with the right knowledge you can use it to turn any piece of video, no matter how poorly shot, into a clean, crisp-looking and effective package.
Working together, participants will structure a simple news package. Voice-over will be recorded to complete the material shot the day before. The whole will be assembled using simple laptop editing software.

Edit Your Package
Using iMovie, participants will edit their podcasts, which will be played back and reviewed.

Discussion and Review

Price per delegate


Scheduled Classes

Indicia Training, Glasgow:

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