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Course Outline

Managing Difficult Behaviours

Managing Difficult Behaviours

Course Contents

Issues, Causes & Consequences of Difficult Types
A look at how issues arise and our own part in this

Difficult Behaviour Types
A review of the different types we are likely to come up against and how we might deal with them

About You
Acknowledging that our own behaviour plays a part in how others respond

Our Two Minds
A look at our rational and emotional mindsets, how they work and how we can face an ’emotional hijack’ at times

Stimulus & Response
Demonstrating that we do have the ability to choose our response and ultimately influence the outcome of communication

Attitude & Behaviour Cycle
How our attitude affects our behaviour and in turn other peoples attitude and behaviour

Determining what ‘sets people off’ and how to avoid the pitfalls

A look at the barriers to communication, whether a discussion is based on fact or feeling and choosing the best behavioural approach to deal with each

Managing Expectations (Emotional Bank Account)
Building a positive basis for relationships and so improving communication with all 

Defusing & Calming
Looking at how situations escalate and methods of ensuring communication takes place from a positive position

Managing Behaviour Practice
A chance to put all the tools learnt into practice with a full review of the approach 


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