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Course Outline

Managing Meetings

Managing Meetings


This is a 1 day, instructor-led course.


Upon successful completion of this course, delegates will have the necessary skills to:
•   Consider whether a meeting is always the most appropriate means of communication
•   Provide focus for their meetings through the use of effective objectives and  agendas
•   Control their meetings to ensure they are effective
•   Ensure that agreed actions are assigned and recorded
•   Close their meetings effectively

Course Contents

To Meet or Not to Meet?
Participants discuss the alternatives to meetings and whether all
meetings are necessary. We then move on to consider who should
attend their meetings.
We discuss why it is important to set objectives for a meeting and
then conduct a short exercise to consider what makes an
objective effective
Participants consider their responsibilities in relation to meeting
agendas and what makes an effective agenda.
Controlling the meeting
Participants complete a short questionnaire where they consider
their role in controlling the meeting function and perhaps find
some of their existing ideas are challenged. They then go on
to consider basic ground rules for the meetings they lead.
Meeting Personalities
A short exercise where participants discuss some of the different
people who may attend these and consider how they can best
work with different types of personalities.
Agree Actions
Participants briefly discuss the role of the leader in ensuring positive action comes out of their meetings.
Meeting Notes
A brief look at the different types of meeting notes and who is
responsible for them.
Closing Meetings
Participants are encouraged to end their meetings effectively and
on a positive note.
Meeting Obstacles
Participants close by identifying and discussing how to handle the
potential obstacles to them implementing the ideas discussed
during the workshop.

Price per delegate


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