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Course Outline

MD-102: Microsoft 365 Endpoint Administrator

MD102: Microsoft 365 Endpoint Administrator

Course Contents

Prepare for a Windows client deployment
•   Select a deployment tool based on requirements
•   Choose between migrate and rebuild
•   Choose an imaging and/or provisioning strategy
•   Select a Windows edition based on requirements
•   Implement subscription-based activation

Plan and implement a Windows client deployment by using Windows Autopilot
•   Configure device registration for Autopilot
•   Create, validate, and assign deployment profiles
•   Set up the Enrollment Status Page (ESP)
•   Deploy Windows devices by using Autopilot
•   Troubleshoot an Autopilot deployment

Plan and implement a Windows client deployment by using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT)
•   Plan and implement an MDT deployment infrastructure
•   Create, manage, and deploy images
•   Monitor and troubleshoot a deployment
•   Plan and configure user state migration

Configure remote management
•   Configure Remote Help in Intune
•   Configure Remote Desktop on a Windows client
•   Configure the Windows Admin Center
•   Configure PowerShell remoting and Windows Remote Management (WinRM)

Manage identity
•   Implement user authentication on Windows devices, including Windows Hello for Business, passwordless, and tokens
•   Manage role-based access control (RBAC) for Intune
•   Register devices in and join devices to Azure AD
•   Implement the Intune Connector for Active Directory
•   Manage the membership of local groups on Windows devices
•   Implement and manage Local Administrative Passwords Solution (LAPS) for Azure AD

Implement compliance policies for all supported device platforms by using Intune
•   Specify compliance policies to meet requirements
•   Implement compliance policies
•   Implement Conditional Access policies that require a compliance status
•   Manage notifications for compliance policies
•   Monitor device compliance
•   Troubleshoot compliance policies

Manage the device lifecycle in Intune
•   Configure enrollment settings
•   Configure automatic and bulk enrollment, including Windows, Apple, and Android
•   Configure policy sets
•   Restart, retire, or wipe devices

Manage device configuration for all supported device platforms by using Intune
•   Specify configuration profiles to meet requirements
•   Implement configuration profiles
•   Monitor and troubleshoot configuration profiles
•   Configure and implement Windows kiosk mode
•   Configure and implement profiles on Android devices, including fully managed, dedicated, corporate owned, and work profile
•   Plan and implement Microsoft Tunnel for Intune

Monitor devices
•   Monitor devices by using Intune
•   Monitor devices by using Azure Monitor
•   Analyze and respond to issues identified in Endpoint analytics and Adoption Score

Manage device updates for all supported device platforms by using Intune
•   Plan for device updates
•   Create and manage update policies by using Intune
•   Manage Android updates by using configuration profiles
•   Monitor updates
•   Troubleshoot updates in Intune
•   Configure Windows client delivery optimization by using Intune
•   Create and manage update rings by using Intune

Implement endpoint protection for all supported device platforms
•   Implement and manage security baselines in Intune
•   Create and manage configuration policies for Endpoint security including antivirus, encryption, firewall, endpoint detection and response (EDR), and attack surface reduction (ASR)
•   Onboard devices to Defender for Endpoint
•   Implement automated response capabilities in Defender for Endpoint
•   Review and respond to device issues identified in the Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management dashboard

Deploy and update apps for all supported device platforms
•   Deploy apps by using Intune
•   Configure Microsoft 365 Apps deployment by using the Microsoft Office Deployment Tool or Office Customization Tool (OCT)
•   Manage Microsoft 365 Apps by using the Microsoft 365 Apps admin center
•   Deploy Microsoft 365 Apps by using Intune
•   Configure policies for Office apps by using Group Policy or Intune
•   Deploy apps to platform-specific app stores by using Intune

Plan and implement app protection and app configuration policies
•   Plan and implement app protection policies for iOS and Android
•   Manage app protection policies
•   Implement Conditional Access policies for app protection policies
•   Plan and implement app configuration policies for managed apps and managed devices
•   Manage app configuration policies

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