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Course Outline

MS-700 A: Managing Microsoft Teams

MS700 A: Managing Microsoft Teams

Course Contents

Module 1: Microsoft Teams Overview
In Microsoft Teams overview, you will get an overview of Microsoft Teams including Teams architecture and related Office 365 workloads. You will be provided an overview of security and compliance in Microsoft Teams and finally get an overview of how to manage Microsoft Teams.

•  Overview of Microsoft Teams
•  Overview of security and compliance in Microsoft Teams
•  Overview of managing Microsoft Teams
Lab: Manage roles and create teams
•  Prepare team roles and licenses
•  Create new team

Module 2: Implement Microsoft Teams Governance, Security and Compliance
In implementing governance, security and compliance for Microsoft Teams, you will plan and configure governance for Office 365 groups including expiration and naming policies. Then you will implement security by configuring conditional access, MFA or Threat Management for Microsoft Teams. Finally, you will implement compliance for Teams by using DLP policies, eDiscovery cases or supervision policies.

•  Implement Governance and Lifecycle Management for Microsoft Teams
•  Implementing Security for Microsoft Teams
•  Implementing Compliance for Microsoft Teams
Lab: Configure Security and Compliance for teams and content
•  Implement Governance and Lifecycle Management for Microsoft Teams
•  Implementing security for Microsoft Teams
•  Implementing compliance for Microsoft Teams

Module 3: Prepare the environment for a Microsoft Teams deployment
In preparing the environment for a Microsoft Teams deployment, you plan an upgrade from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams by evaluating upgrade paths with coexistence and upgrade modes, manage meeting migrations and configuring coexistence and upgrade settings. Then you plan and configure network settings for Microsoft Teams, and finally you will deploy and manage Microsoft Teams endpoints.

•  Upgrade from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams
•  Plan and configure network settings for Microsoft Teams
•  Deploy and Manage Microsoft Teams endpoints
Lab: Environment preparation for Teams
•  Calculate networking capabilities
•  Evaluate configuration profiles
•  Provide team resources

Module 4: Deploy and manage teams
In deploying and managing teams, you will learn how to create and manage teams, manage membership and access for both, internal and external users.

•  Create and manage teams
•  Manage membership
•  Manage access for external users
Lab: Manage teams
•  Manage team resources
•  Manage sharing and access

Module 5: Manage collaboration in Microsoft Teams
In managing collaboration in Microsoft Teams, you will manage chat and collaboration experiences such as team settings or private channel creation policies. Finally, you will manage settings for Teams apps such as app setup policies, Apps, bots & connectors in Microsoft Teams or publish a custom app in Microsoft Teams.

•  Manage chat and collaboration experiences
•  Manage settings for Teams apps
Lab: Modify collaboration settings for Teams
•  Configure channel and message policies
•  Manage app settings for team

Module 6: Manage communication in Microsoft Teams
This course concludes with managing communication in Microsoft Teams. You will learn how to manage Live event and meetings experiences, manage phone numbers or Phone System for Microsoft Teams and finally how to troubleshoot audio, video, and client issues.

•  Manage Live event and meetings experiences
•  Manage phone numbers
•  Manage Phone System for Microsoft Teams
•  Troubleshot audio, video, and client issues
Lab: Modify communication settings for Teams
•  Configure meeting policies
•  Manage Phone System for Microsoft Teams
•  Troubleshooting audio, video and client issues

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Scheduled Classes

Remote Access:

22 – 25 May 2023
12 – 15 Jun 2023
26 – 29 Jun 2023
24 – 27 Jul 2023
21 – 24 Aug 2023
25 – 28 Sep 2023
23 – 26 Oct 2023
20 – 23 Nov 2023
18 – 21 Dec 2023

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