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Course Outline

SCRUM Master

SCRUM Master

Course Contents

•   Agile History and Background
•   Scrum origins and the Agile Manifesto 
•   The 4 values and 12 principles of Agile

Why Agile?
•   Environments that are best suited to an Agile approach
•   Benefits of Agile
•   Project constraints in traditional projects versus Agile projects
•   Empirical process and how this approach is used to develop a product iteratively and incrementally

Scrum Framework


•   Product Owner – representing the voice of the customer and responsible for return on investment
•   Scrum Master – responsible for facilitating and coaching the Scrum Team 

•   Development Team – self-managing and cross-functional and responsible for delivering ‘Done’ work during the sprint

•   Product backlog – a prioritised list of requirements in the form of User Stories

•   Sprint backlog – a list of tasks the team will deliver during the sprint

•   Sprint Burndown – charts tracking progress during the project or sprint


•   Sprint Planning – to plan what will be delivered during the sprint 

•   Sprint – a period from 1 week to 1 month during which the team produce potentially shippable product 

•   Daily Scrum – a 15-minute daily meeting for the development team. 

•   Sprint Review – held at the end of the sprint to show that business what has been achieved
•   Sprint Retrospective – held at the end of the sprint for the team to continuously improve


On the last day, you will take a 1-hour exam to confirm your Scrum knowledge.

Price per delegate


Scheduled Classes

Indicia Training, Glasgow:

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