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Course Outline

CSS Essentials

CSS Essentials

Course Contents

Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Designing with Style Sheets
Controlling Colour and Typography
Create an Embedded Style Sheet
Apply Colour
Comment Your Code
Modify Text Styles
Modify Font Styles
Create a Linked Style Sheet
Designing with the Cascade
Create Class Styles
Create ID Styles
Create Contextual Styles
Target Styles to Elements with Specific Attributes
Create Style Sheets that Cascade
Import Style Sheets
Create Inline Styles
Designing Content Sections
Control Margins and Padding
Create Borders
Control Element Dimensions
Create Floating Elements
Control Content Overflow
Controlling Layout with Positioning
Controlling Layout with Absolute Positioning
Create a Fixed, Multi-column Layout
Create a Fluid, Multi-column Layout
Control Layout with Relative Positioning
Control the Display of Layered Elements
Apply Fixed Positioning
Enhancing an Existing Design
Customise Cursors
Customise Link Styles
Customise Forms
Display and Manipulate Background Images
Customise Lists
Create Generated Content
Creating Alternate Style Sheets
Create Accessible Style Sheets
Apply User-Defined System Fonts and Colours
Create a Print Style Sheet

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