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Course Outline

Developing Applications with Angular 8

Developing Applications with Angular 8

Course Contents

Day 1
•   Configure development environment
•   Introducing NodeJS
•   Scaffolding the Development Environment with Command Line
•   Configuring the IDE
•   Introduction to TypeScript
•   Introducing Transpiling (Typescript to ES5/6)
•   Understanding the Foundations of an Angular Application
•   Introducing Angular Modules
•   Developing a Simple Angular Component
•   Understanding the Anatomy of a Component
•   Understanding Input/Output Data & Events
•   Sharing Data Across Components
•   Introducing Core Directives
•   Dynamic Loops, Conditions
•   Dynamically Applying CSS Styling
•   Understanding Interpolation
•   2-way Data Binding
•   Introducing Pipes
•   The Formatting of Dynamic Data
•   Developing HTTP Services
•   Understanding Communication with Backend APIs

Day 2
•   Introducing angular-cli
•   Improved Development Workflow Tools
•   Introducing Webpack (Development Server and Module Bundler)
•   Creating Components using angular-cli
•   Understanding Angular Testing Tools
•   Understanding Routing
•   Understanding Lazy Loading
•   Displaying Different Views in an Application
•   Developing Reactive Forms with Form Builder
•   Realtime Form Validation Classes
•   Introducing Angular Material
•   Introducing Ionic Rapid Mobile/Desktop Development

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