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Course Outline

ENAUI: Implementing Automation for Cisco Enterprise Solutions

ENAUI: Implementing Automation for Cisco Enterprise Solutions

Course Contents

•   Network Programmability Foundation
•   Automating APIs and Protocols
•   Managing Configuration with Python and Ansible
•   Implementing On-Box Programmability and Automation with Cisco IOS XE Software
•   Implementing Model-Driven Telemetry
•   Day 0 Provisioning with Cisco IOS-XE Software
•   Implementing Automation in Enterprise Networks
•   Building Cisco DNA Center Automation with Python
•   Automating Operations using Cisco DNA Center
•   Introducing Cisco SD-WAN Programmability
•   Building Cisco SD-WAN Automation with Python
•   Building Cisco SD-WAN Automation with Ansible
•   Automating Cisco Meraki
•   Implementing Meraki Integration APIs

Lab Outline

•   Automate Networks with Netmiko
•   Use Postman for REST API Consumption
•   Use Ansible to Configure and Verify Device Configuration
•   Implement On-Box Programmability and Automation with Cisco IOS XE Software
•   Use Python on Cisco IOS XE Software
•   Implement Streaming Telemetry with Cisco IOS XE
•   Explore Cisco DNA Center APIs
•   Build Python Scripts to Interact with Cisco DNA Center Intent APIs
•   Build Python Scripts with Cisco DNA Center Assurance APIs
•   Troubleshoot End-to-End Connectivity and Health-Check the Network via the Cisco DNA Center API
•   Perform Administrative Tasks Using the Cisco SD-WAN API
•   Build, Manage, and Operate Cisco SD-WAN Programmatically
•   Consume SD-WAN APIs Using the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) Module
•   Manage Policies with Ansible
•   Build Reports Using Ansible-Cisco SD_WAN Role
•   Implement Cisco Meraki API Automation
•   Explore Cisco Meraki Integration APIs
•   Explore Cisco Meraki Webhook Alerts

We strongly recommend you attend this course before attempting the following exam.

Certification & Exam

The 300-435 ENAUTO exam certifies your knowledge and skills in implementing Enterprise automated solutions, including programming concepts, Python programming, APIs, controllers, and automation tools.

After you pass 300-435 ENAUTO, you earn the Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – Enterprise Automation and Programmability certification, and you satisfy the concentration exam requirement for these professional-level certifications:

CCNP® Enterprise
Cisco Certified DevNet Professional

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Scheduled Classes

Remote Access:

05 – 07 Dec 2022
08 – 10 Feb 2023

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