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Course Outline

Introduction to Java Programming

Introduction to Java Programming

Course Contents

Introduction to Java
About Java
The Java Virtual Machine
Java applications
Parameters and output
Packages, Package location
Importing packages
The Java Developer’s Kit (JDK) and other Java tools

Java Language Fundamentals
Declaring variables and scope
Primitive types

Flow Control
Control flow structure
Conditional statements: if, switch/case
Loops: while, do/while, for
Break and continue statements

Objects and Classes
Classes and objects
Creating objects
Constructors and object destruction
Variables and methods
Visibility: public, default, private and protected

Going Further with Classes
Constructor chaining
The ‘this’ keyword
Passing parameters by value and reference
Garbage collection

Arrays and Strings
StringBuffers and StringBuilders
Wrapper classes

Subclasses and inheritance
The ‘extends’ keyword
Method overriding

Abstract Classes and Interfaces
Abstract classes and methods
Interfaces – avoiding multiple inheritance
Polymorphism with abstract types

Errors and Exceptions

What is an exception?
Throwable objects
Catching exceptions – try, catch, finally
Declaring exceptions
Throwing exceptions

Utilities and Collections

Collection interfaces and classes in Java 2: Lists, Sets, Maps
Collection management
For each semantics
Java utility packages: java.util, java.text, java.math

Overview of Java Components and Events

Java 1.1 event model
Observer and observable
Events and Listeners
Component hierarchies

Introduction to JDBC

Relational databases and SQL
JDBC Architecture
Connections, Statements, ResultSets

Multi-threading with Java
What are threads
How threads are scheduked
The runnable interface
Extending the Thread class
Thread Synchronization using wait, notify and notify all

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