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Course Outline

Java Test-Driven Development

Java Test-Driven Development

Course Contents

Introduction to JUnit
Getting started with unit testing using JUnit
Generating test stubs
Using assertions
Running tests
Test statuses
Dealing with exceptions
Best practice

Going Further with Unit Testing

Organizing projects
Performing setup and teardown operations
Using Hamcrest matchers
Defining a custom matcher
Test suites

TDD and Agile Development
Understanding the TDD process
Test, code, refactor
TDD strategies
Refactoring techniques
Testing patterns
Best practice

Unit Testing with Mock Objects

Managing dependencies
Defining test doubles
Stubs, mocks, dummies, and fakes
Tool support – JMock, EasyMock, and Mockito

Additional testing techniques
Integration testing
Testing the user interface using Selenium WebDriver
Behaviour-driven design (BDD)
Using JBehave for BDD

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