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Course Outline

Oracle 12c Weblogic Server Administration

Oracle 12c Weblogic Server Administration

Course Contents

Introduction to Weblogic Server Admin & Fusion
Role of the Application Server
Architecture of a Web Server
WebLogic Server Components

Installation of WebLogic
Internet Connections & Intranet Domains.
Pre-Installation Tasks
Through the Installation
Installation options
Post Installation Tasks
Applying Patch to Weblogic Server

Domain Configuration
Understanding Domains
Creating and Configuring Domains
Moving Domains
Monitoring Domains 
Configure & Access Server Logs
Server Health & Performance
JDBC Data Sources

WebLogic Admin – Console & Tools
Using WLST
Configuration MBeans
Runtime MBeans
Using Scripts
Using the Administration GUI

Configuring WebLogic Server
Configure Application Server
Configure Managed Servers
Configure Machines
Configure Node Managers

Deploying Applications
Deploying Libraries
Deploying Web Applications
Deploying Versioned Applications
Deploying EJBÂ’s
Archived Types
Stress Testing Weblogic Server
Deployment Plans

Creating & Configuring a Weblogic Server Cluster
Creating & Configuring a Weblogic Server Dynamic Clusters
Configuring Oracle HTTP Server as a Weblogic Server Dynamic Cluster

Java Database Connectivity
Setup Data Sources
Configure JDBC Drivers
Configure Connection Pools
Java Naming & Directory
Understanding JNDI
JNDI for Administrators
View JNDI Trees
Java Messaging Service
Setup JMS Applications
JMS Topics
JMS Queues
Oracle HTTP Server Config
Intro to Apache Server
Basic Architecture
Configuration, HTTPD.conf configuration
Monitor and Optimize
Oracle WL Clusters Config
HTTP Session Failover.
Configure JDBC Replication
Cross Cluster Replication

Backup & Recovery
Online Backup and Recovery
Offline Backup and Recovery
Full Backup and Recovery
Incremental Backup and Recovery.

Logging & WebLogic Server Mgmt
Server / Domain Logs
Log Filters
WLDF Extensions

Config Basic Security for WLS
WebLogic security overview
Alternate security providers
JEE declarative security
Security roles and policies
SSL configuration

Performance Tuning
Memory and Garbage Collection
Work Manager

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