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Course Outline

Adobe Photoshop CC Basic

Adobe Photoshop CC Basic


This is a 1 day, instructor-led course.

Course Contents

Getting to know the workspace
Creating and opening files
Units and Rulers
The workspace options

Getting Started
Sampling a colour
Making a selection
Looking at different tools and other tool options
The history panel

Basic Photo Correction
Checking resolution of images
Cropping and straightening images
Adjusting colour in a photograph
Removing flaws
Adjusting highlights, mid-tones and shadows
Sharpening images

Working with Selections
Geometric selection tools – Eliptical, Single row and Single column
Freehand tools – Lasso, Polygonal, Magnetic
Edge based tools – Quick selection, Object selection and Magic Wand tools
Rotating selections
Resizing selections

Layer Basics
Explaining layers further
Adding a border
Changing opacity of layers
Duplicating layers and changing blending modes
Resizing and rotating layers
Adding images and text
Adding gradients and drop shadows
Adding adjustment layers

Quick Fixes
Brightening an image
Blurring a background
Creating a Panorama

Masks and Channels
Creating Masks
Refine Edge Brush tool
Global Refinements
Quick Masks
Puppet Warp
Creating Drop Shadows

Price per delegate


Scheduled Classes

Remote Access:

20 Sep 2023
06 Dec 2023

Please complete the contact form below or call 0141 221 5676 for further course information and available dates.
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