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Course Outline

Python Programming

Python Programming


This is a 5 day, instructor-led course.


This course introduces the Python programming language through many hands-on exercises and plenty of discussion around best practices and techniques for writing efficient and performant code. No prior Python experience is needed.

Course Contents

Getting Started with Python
Using the Interactive Interpreter
Setting up Python virtual environments
Using an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Python Language Fundamentals
Overview of core Python syntax
Identifiers and reserved words
Data types and variables
Flow control

Working with Functions
Writing and calling functions
Passing parameters
Positional and Keyword Arguments
Default Parameter Values
Overview of decorator syntax

Lists, Tuples and Sets

Code Structures
Python grammar and code layout
Comments and Continuation lines
if, elif, and else
while, break and continue
for and other Iterators
Namespaces and Scope

Data Structures
Numbers and Mathematical Functions
String manipulation and formatting
List, Set and dictionary comprehensions
Range and Generators

Exception Handling
Raising exceptions
Handle exceptions with try, except and finally
Custom exceptions

Classes and Object-Oriented Programming
Defining classes
Instance variables
Creating and initializing objects
Classes and Inheritance
Adding and Overriding Methods
Extending built-ins
Accessors and mutators (getters and setters)
Composition and Inheritance

File Handling
Overview of file handling in Python
Reading and writing text files
Structured Text Files
Working with binary files
Streaming and serializing Python objects

Packages, Programs and Modules
Python architectural approaches
Defining packages
The Python Standard Library
Using pip to install other Python libraries

Accessing Http End-Points
Implementing Web services using Python
Dealing with URL parameters
Common data transfer structures

Database Access
Configuring database access
Making SQL requests
Handling data responses

Approaches to unit testing
Test-driven development
Python testing tools

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