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Course Outline

Web Apps Introduction

Web Apps Introduction


This is a 5 day, instructor-led course.


This intensive course introduces modern web content creation, introducing HTML content, CSS decoration and the latest ECMAScript programming for current browsers and off-line web apps. Related technologies are briefly introduced as needed, such as NodeJS, TypeScript and a bit of an overview of React, Angular or Vue.

Course Contents

Setting up for Web Development
Installing free developer tools
What technologies we will need
Where to get help online

HTML Single-Page Applications (SPA)
The main HTML tags
Semantic tags for accessibility
Elements, attributes and events
Structuring a single-page application

Essential CSS knowledge
Making use of a CSS library such as Bootstrap
Best ways to implement CSS in external files

ECMAScript (JavaScript)
Handling events
Variables, data-types and syntax
Functions for re-useable code
Classes to encapsulate data structures
Back-tick syntax for string-building
Accessing, manipulating and creating parts of the web document

Code Flow
Exception handling

Handling REST APIs
Using the Fetch API
Understanding JSON
Making GET and POST requests
Using a simple NodeJS development server

Getting User Input
HTML Forms and ECMAScript form handlers
Buttons, icons etc.
Overview of the other sensors available to browsers

Automatic Tool Chains
Understanding modern web development tool-chains
Overview of a modern library (one of Angular, React or Vue)
What the automated tools achieve: combining code modules, optimizing and debugging
Overview of NodeJS and Webpack

Why Typescript is an excellent choice for development
Incrementally introducing Typescript to a project
Typescript is for development only – it does not survive into the Single Page Web app
Configuring the Typescript Compiler

The User Experience
Modern user expectations
Managing the speed of responses
Overview of observables for streams of data

Offline Apps
Understanding how web content can operate offline
Persisting data in cookies and in local storage

Decisions that affect how a Single Page App will scale
Project architecture and conventions
Keeping up with developments in ECMAScript

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